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Save! JET 708447 OES-80CS 6-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Oscillating Edge Sander, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

JET 708447 OES-80CS 6-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Oscillating Edge Sander, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

Product Description
The JET 708351B 10-by-14-inch mini-lathe is the answer for the turner that has little space but needs a powerful cast iron machine for smaller projects. The headstock is driven by a 1/2 hp motor with six speed selections to choose from and comes with several accessories included that are optional on other machines. This model is also machined on the tailstock end to accept the JET 20-inch bed extension, part # 708355.

  • JET oscillating edge aggressive sander with 1-1/2 horsepower, 115-volt pre-wired, 230-volt wired single-phase motor
  • Produce bevels, angles, curves, and flat surfaces
  • 6-by-89-inch belt moves at 3,900 surface feet per minute and has an increased lifespan
  • Includes attachments for both vertical and horizontal applications
  • 32-by-7-inch, adjustable work table for added convenience; weighs 270-pounds

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Oscillating Edge Sander
My new sander is good for the money. The oscillation method itself is not what I expected. Better machines have a mechanism that enables more movement up and down by gears under the table. The method used on this one is a tilting action on the pulley that simply changes the tracking of the belt a bit. The dust control connection must be removed for large inside radius sanding using the end drum, as well as for a belt change. An inconvenience I was trying to avoid by upgrading to this model. It does do the job though for most applications.

Tools is fine! Amazon is NOT
the tool itself is fine and works as advertised, but I am not pleased with Amazon. First of all, the carton did not have any outside damage which was why accepted the package in the first place. Upon opening it to begin to set it up it was very obvious that something was wrong. Many of the metal parts were bent considerably and the dry ice separators were broken which caused many of the parts to be loose and bang around inside the box. The frame that holds the motor and main assembly was so badly bent to the right that when I finished putting everythig together the belt wouldn't track at all! I had to unmount the motor and shim it so that it would be in the correct position to allow the belt to track correctly. The belt guard holders were also bent so badly that I had to use a hamer just so that I could remove it, then again to set them back into place so that I could even re-mount it!

The motor fan cover was hit so bad that it was bent in and the fan blades were obstructed, so the motor wouldn't move and tripped the circuit breakers. I had to unmount the cover and bang it into shape.

Several of the covers and pieces that you have to put together had obvious marks of being used (screw and washer scrapes on the paint where they go), so my suspicion is that this tool was either used or returned because of all the problems.

Unfortunately for me it was so heavy and difficult to put together that I prefered to fix the problems myself rather than have to find someone to help me put it back in the box and wait for a replacement without knowing if the next one would be any better (or worse!).

I bought a combo disc/belt sander from amazon a couple of years ago and though the problem was not as bad, there was significant cosmetic shipping damage to that tool as well.

A Jet long bed jointer I got from amazon at the same time as this edge sander (but shipped through a different carrier) survived much better but also had signs of having been mishandled and the stand was also scratched and bent, which I had to fix myself.

Too many problems buying these big tools through amazon. Next time I'll probably buy locally, even if I need to recruit help of neighbors to help me unload it.

Great edge sander
This is the first edge sander that I own. I own a small cabinet shop and it realy make work easy. it is great for door edges .I first had a hard time setting the hight of the table then i purchase a small scissors jack and put it under the table and it is esay to lift and lower the table. Daniel M

Great machine, I highly recommend it.
First, I bought this after comparing it to the Delta ($$$), General International, the Shop Fox and the Grizzly. For the money I don't think you could do better.

It's not a finish sander but if you need to remove stock to make a drawer fit, flush up a veneer, or bevel an edge it works very well. And, it works very, very fast with the supplied 100 grit belt. Stock is removed a little faster than some other machines because of the speed of the belt. That's not a bad thing, just something to be aware of. It comes with a great belt from Klingspore, but you might want to go with a higher grit.

The other review complains that there's only 1/2" oscillation and that makes the machine worthless. First, it's a worthwhile feature because it extends the life of the belt and reduces cleanings. Second, all the machines of this size oscillate 3/4" - I'm not sure what the other reviewer is looking for, but it's a 6" belt - the more it oscillates the less usuable height you have. So, a sander that oscillates 3" would limit you to a 3" drawer or give uneven sanding.

The dust chute isn't designed well because you can't leave the side table with it on. I know one guy who did a little grinding to the chute to make it fit.

The problem I have with the scale is that it's very hard to see when locking the angle. I've never had a machine with perfectly set detents at 0, 45, or 90 degree so what's the point? Good detents are user adjust able and add to the expense.

The storage cabinet is nice, but the door should be wider. Oh well, it's better than not having one. The table is heavier than the others the other reviewer mentioned which makes adjusting it is more of a chore, but the extra weight is a good thing. It dampens the vibrations and makes the machine more heavy duty. If the weight is that much of an issue make a table out of plywood ;>) I'm sticking with the cast iron.

All in all a great machine, and I'd highly recommend it.

Little thought went into this machine
There are a few issues with this machine which make it less than user friendly. The adjustable angle of the platen has no preset angles. 0, 90 and 45 would be nice, but 90 I feel is critical. You must use a square every time you adjust the angle to get it back to 90. The table is adjustable up and down, but remember that 3 square feet of cast iron are heavy, and unless you have 4 hands, you can not adjust the table evenly. Most other models have a spring loaded table. On this model, you must loosen and lift one side at a time, teeter-tottering until you get the right hight, and you will not be level...

The side table for contour sanding is nice, but you must remove it if you want to close the dust shroud for use with the platen. The actual oscillation of the belt is less than 1/2" which makes that feature near useless. If I were to do it over again, I'd probably go with the General or the Grizzly, staying in this price range. If you can afford it, go to the next level up.... this machine is not worth the money

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